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Safety is who we are

Becoming an organization where "safety is who we are" requires strong commitment and a comprehensive, strategic approach. The entire organization must be involved in the effort to achieve true safety excellence.

Why should you choose BST to help with your safety initiatives?

We meet you where you are

BST is a global safety firm that helps companies at every stage of safety functioning improve performance. Whether your safety goal is focused on a single location or organization-wide, BST has the tools, expertise, and global reach to meet you where you are and deliver the results you seek.

We help you see what's possible

Because your needs and objectives are like no one else's, we start our work by getting to know you and helping your team create a vision for safety, define objectives and direction, and create a sense of urgency among your stakeholders.

We help you get there and beyond

Depending upon the depth of the engagement, BST clients realize an average 25-40% reduction in injury rates the first year alone. No matter the scale of your improvement plan, we custom-tailor activities to your organization, engaging your team in the process. We're there every step of the way, helping your team build new competencies for their role in safety and ensuring that behavioral and systemic changes are anchored for long-term results.

Learn more about our Solutions and how we can partner with your organization to make your work safer.