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Preview: 2015 Safety in Action Guide - 8 Issues Shaping Safety Now

Here's a preview of the 2015 Safety in Action Guide: 8 Issues Shaping Safety Now. While not every issue may be equally pressing on your organization right now, each represents a challenge to underlying ideas about what safety is and could be. Learn about each issue and the recommendations for moving safety forward in a rapidly changing landscape.

More Fatalities in the Oilfields: A Grim Forecast for 2015

What can oil and gas leaders do to assure their path to zero culture is maintained or enhanced during this down cycle in the industry?

Leading with Safety – Turning Three Words Into Action

To effectively lead with safety, leaders ensure that every decision passes through the safety gate of “checks and balances”. Consider following these three core principles to get better at leading with safety.

When Safety Briefings Impact Safety Climate

The amount of rigor organizations put into briefing customers or visitors on their safety procedures can shed some light on their overall value for safety.

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DEKRA Donates €100,000 to UNICEF

With a donation of €100,000, DEKRA provided support for the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF to continue establishing protected, safe environments for children in crisis areas.

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This year, create a safety network

This year, build mutually beneficial relationships with all of the stakeholders who influence safety, not just those within your four walls.

6 Things to “Check Twice” on Your Holiday Safety List

Let’s work on a safety “To-Do List” this year, one that helps reduce exposures to common injuries that are more prevalent during the holidays.

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From the Plant Floor to the Ball Field, Safety Requires Leadership

A great leader strives to create a culture that puts the safety of the employee ahead of production. This is the type of leader you want your son or daughter to work for. Ask yourself these questions to distinguish the good from the great.

The Injury-Reporting Conundrum: Why Won’t People Say They’re Hurt?

Understanding the factors that discourage injury reporting can help leaders build a culture that supports open communication, preventative measures, and care for afflicted individuals.

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What Does Transformational Leadership REALLY Look Like?

We know that transformational leaders exhibit four dimensions of leadership style: influencing, inspiring, engaging, and challenging. But what does transformational leadership really look like?