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Comprehensive approaches with proven outcomes

Our clients have both upstream and downstream goals in their initiatives. All of them are striving for outstanding safety performance. And they achieve it.

6 year meta analysis of client results

This chart shows the results of the largest study ever conducted demonstrating the effectiveness of behavior-based safety; however, the results are specific to BST and do not generalize to all employee-driven approaches. Based on a representative sample of 353 user sites, it shows that the average user site achieves a 24% improvement over baseline in the first year of its process, increasing to 52% improvement over baseline in the sixth year. The top 25% of users achieve better than 68% improvement over baseline in the first year, increasing to 79% in the fifth.

system sustainability - 2001 study

BST's approach for reducing exposure to injury in the workplace is designed for success from the start, and for continuing improvement long after the initial implementation.

Our clients gauge return on investment in various ways, as the additional benefits of focusing on safety also realize in various areas. For a sampling of case studies by region and industries please contact BST.