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Protecting people in the harshest environments


Whether they produce coal, natural gas, minerals, or metals, mining organizations provide the fuel that drives agriculture and industry. With operations that span regions, climates, and cultures, companies in the mining sector must contend with some of the most challenging environments in the world. Safe and responsible production depends on a finely tuned coordination of people and processes that adapt to ever-changing exposures and demand.

For more than three decades BST has been a proud partner of mining organizations around the world in their quest for enhanced safety performance. BST provides industry-best results with capabilities that will help you:

  • Develop organizational strategies that engage employees across levels and locations in safety performance improvement
  • Identify, track, and eliminate the causes of serious and fatal injuries
  • Create cultures that support industry-best productivity, profitability, safety, and environmental stewardship
  • Develop leaders and supervisors who demonstrate visible support for safety
  • Create strategies for overcoming traditional barriers between union and management
  • Align stop-work authority, compliance initiatives, and other intervention tools with change management strategy