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Employee-driven safety in a challenging and fast-paced environment

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Every day, public transit agencies keep their cities, counties, and regions on the move. From the perspective of most people, the system “just works.” Operating an integrated transportation system, however, is no easy task. Public transit agencies function in highly complex, ever-changing environments. Whether renovating or building new stations or roadways, adding new technology, maintaining infrastructure, bringing new equipment on-line, or just dealing with day-to-day unforeseen challenges, transit employees diligently and professionally deliver on-time and with customer-friendly service.

BST's staff includes experts in public transit safety who work with our clients to create sustainable safety performance improvement that satisfies the unique needs and challenges of this sector. BST provides industry-best results with capabilities that will help you:

  • Manage safety performance across multiple, complex environments
  • Adapt best-in-class injury prevention methods to the unique needs of transit employees and operations
  • Strengthen partnerships between union and management constituencies around safety issues
  • Advance safety performance without adding to the complexity of existing policies and procedures
  • Improve customer safety across diverse work practices, hazards, and employee populations
  • Reduce serious injuries and fatalities with initiatives that target exposures with high-severity potential