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Employee-driven safety in a challenging and fast-paced environment

Public transit companies from around the world turn to BST consultants to help them solve safety and performance challenges because we bring extensive knowledge of and experience in the areas that affect them most. Our transportation practice experts offer solutions targeted to your specific needs. BST’s solutions include:

  • Employee-engagement strategy – Managing the risks associated with increasing ridership and operational demands takes more than transit organizations implementing more rules and policies. It requires a workforce committed to doing the right thing even in the absence of supervision. BST helps you develop a behavior-change model that aligns intention with practice, ensuring the safety of employees, customers, and the community.
  • Sustainable culture improvement – Understanding the state of your culture is a key component of safety change management. BST’s culture change experts and validated diagnostic tools provide insight into your current performance and actionable data for designing an effective change strategy.
  • Catastrophic incident prevention – Even the most effective technical and management systems alone are not enough to eliminate catastrophic events. BST works with you to strengthen your technical and management systems, improve communication, implement new metrics, and create a framework of leadership behaviors that drive an effective catastrophic incident prevention culture.
  • Serious injury and fatality (SIF) prevention process – Traditional safety efforts often fail to address SIFs because they’re not designed to. BST helps you design interventions based on severity potential, rather than actual outcome, so you can identify, track, and eliminate SIF exposures along routes and in your sites and yards.
  • Leadership and supervisory development – Leaders have the greatest impact on safety performance and must develop the skills and insight to become powerful change agents. BST offers leadership solutions designed for all levels of leaders—from the frontline to the boardroom.
  • Data-driven safety improvement – BST helps you leverage observation data, inspection reports, verification audit information, and other safety metrics to identify, track, and eliminate the exposures in your sites, yards, and routes.