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Powering the human element of safety strategy

The goal of all talent management strategy is to build a "talent rich" organization: a place where there are enough of the right people in all the right places to support the company's safety vision. BST's capabilities allow you to identify where you are and where you want to be—and who you need to get there. BST capabilities include:

  • Safety talent assessment – BST experts can help you evaluate your organization's current safety talent strength and create a plan for filling gaps and building the human platform for realizing safety and organizational strategy.
  • Safety talent strategy development – An effective safety talent strategy draws on good talent management practice to support safety objectives. BST experts help you do this with a plan that strengthens the natural partnership between safety and the business while optimizing individual contribution, growth, and retention.
  • Integration of safety with talent management systems – Talent search, assessment and selection, and retention all support an organization's strategic objectives—including safety. BST can help you make sure that your systems do more than fill open positions. We help you align short and long-term safety objectives with talent management systems, engage safety talent in the ongoing success of the organization, and build mechanisms that provide opportunities to facilitate career track progression.