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Our assessment process is a comprehensive diagnostic that identifies where your safety performance currently stands and what it will take to get the long-term solutions you need. Each of our assessments provides critical knowledge to align key stakeholders around a shared vision and calibrate leaders on a platform that will maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the change process. We target these six crucial focus areas:

CULTURE & ENGAGEMENT – Identify the underlying values and beliefs that drive safety engagement and performance in your organization.

SAFETY ENABLING SYSTEMS – Uncover the breakdowns in organizational skills, competence, knowledge, process, and procedures required to work safely, and implement solutions to overcome them.

SAFETY LEADERSHIP & OVERSIGHT – Understand the current capabilities that inform a development strategy to ensure that your leaders have the skills they need to guide the change process.

SAFETY ORGANIZATION FOCUS & STRUCTURE – Reveal the inner workings of your organization’s safety structure, including a granular analysis of how key processes interact and how they can be improved.

SAFETY SUSTAINING SYSTEMS – Discover how your HR programs and performance management systems, including hiring decisions, promotions, rewards, and other practices are helping or hurting your safety performance.

SAFETY DATA & ANALYTICS – Evaluate your data collection and analysis practices for their ability to provide actionable information that helps you reduce exposure.