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Enabling insight and decision making that reduces risk

The power and promise of analytics has never been greater. Over the last decade, the sheer amount of data available to organizations has grown 30-40% per year. And concurrently, new and improved tools have come available to analyze and draw insight from this information. For safety, this brings new opportunities to surface and address exposures that may have previously gone unseen.

But in a sea of data, stats, metrics, and reports, how do leaders navigate the waters to find new insights and actionable information? BST leverages research expertise and methodologies to: bring clarity and priority that informs decision-making and drives sustainable safety improvement. Examples include:

  • Bringing data clarity and priority to inform actions and strengthen initiatives
  • Identifying gaps in data collection and solutions that bridge them
  • Moving predictability and measurement further upstream of outcomes
  • Benchmarking your performance against other organizations and sectors
  • Normalizing data to sharpen focus and increase confidence
  • Harmonizing disparate data sets for synergies that drive new insights