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Every day we make thousands of decisions that affect our lives and the lives of those around us. Many of those decisions have little consequence. Our choice of clothes, our breakfast selection, our route to work. But we also make other choices, choices that can change people’s lives forever. Consider:

  • An employee rushing to get home after a long day notices the press he’s cleaning isn’t locked and tagged, and must decide whether to continue working without securing the machine
  • An apprentice worker sees his boss take a questionable shortcut with a risky task and must decide whether to speak up or remain silent
  • A supervisor on a loading dock spots an oil pool on the ground and must decide whether to flag down the forklift driver before he reaches it
  • A delivery driver realizes he’s about to miss his exit and must make a split-second decision

Every on-the-job decision is the result of several contributing factors: workplace culture, leadership style, training, systems, biases, even worker fatigue and disposition. We work with you to understand how your unique cultural artifacts and engrained behaviors affect safe decision making and frontline performance. This helps your leadership team define a path forward and positions supervisors and managers to lead to succeed—with the ultimate goal of eliminating incidents.