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Keeping workers safe is a priority for every organization. But to effectively protect frontline employees, organizations and leaders must shift from traditional behavior based safety approaches that exhibit top-down thinking and reliance on lagging indicators. Frontline employees have an inherent stake in doing their jobs safely and want to be engaged in safety efforts. And when these all-important employees take ownership in improving safety for themselves and co-workers, solutions are stimulated, buy-in is accomplished, and long-term safety success is achieved. Elements of our tailored approach to protecting front-line employees include:

  • Recognizing and leveraging workers' superior task-level knowledge
  • Focusing on leading indicators (exposures) and less so on lagging indicators (injuries
  • Capturing observation data effectively to identify and remove barriers to safe behaviors
  • Creating an adaptive workforce that exceeds performance expectations
  • Enabling and empowering employees to respond to changing exposures
  • Instilling effective feedback systems that support safe behavior